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How to pay Iqama Fees for a baby born outside Saudi Arabia

If your baby is born outside Saudi Arabia, you need to pay two fees in order to have the Iqama Issued

  • SAR 2000/- for Iqama Issual

  • Dependent fees for the baby

Below are the steps to pay Iqama Fees for a baby born outside Saudi Arabia
  • Go to your Banks Mobile banking App

  • Click on Menu

  • Select "SADAD" Payments

  • Click on "Government Payments" or "MOI Payments"

  • Biller/Category: Alien Control

  • Service: Dependent Entry Visa Fee Collection

  • Head of Household ID Number: Enter the Iqama Number of the Father

  • Number of Dependents: Number of babies born outside KSA

  • You will be shown an amount of SAR 2000/- to be paid for the Iqama (it is 2000/- irrespective of the number of new children you have)

  • Click Confirm and proceed to pay

You can validate the payment as follows:

  • Go to Absher

  • Scroll down and click on "Public Query Available Funds"

  • Enter Iqama Number

  • Enter the Captcha Code

  • If you find an amount under Passport Deposit, it means the Iqama fees for the baby born outside KSA has been paid


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