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How to Apply for Family Iqama after they have arrived at KSA

Once your family has arrived in KSA on a permanent visa, the next step is to have their Iqamas issued. This post explains how to do so in 3 steps. Follow the steps in proper order to seamlessly get their Iqamas issued.

The following steps need to be executed to apply for Family Iqama:

Step 1: Paying the Dependent Fee

  • You can ask your HR to pay your Dependent Fee or

  • Log in to your bank account

  • Select Payment and Bills

  • Select Government Payment

  • Services: Alien Control

  • Select “Associate Fees for All Registered Associates on the Head of Household Iqama Service ID”

  • Transaction Type: Payment

  • Iqama ID: Family Head Iqama Number

  • The next screen should show the amount that is to be paid.

  • Note: The above process/steps might defer from bank to bank. Please consult your HR or bank before making the payment.

Once this is paid, this will be reflected on your Absher account

  • Login to your Absher Account

  • Scroll down and click on “Public Query Available Funds”

  • Enter Iqama Number

  • Enter Captcha Code

  • You will find the amount you paid under “Passport Deposit”

Step 2: Uploading the documents for verification on Tawasul on Absher

Documents required:

  1. Medical Fitness Certificate from an approved Clinic/Lab (No need for a Physical Copy, the results will be updated to Jawazat automatically). Note. this is only for your wife, no need for your children.

  2. Pictures of each dependent

  3. Fill out the Iqama Form (Fill it separately for each dependent & have it signed and sealed by the employer)

  4. Saudi Visa Copy of each dependent with arrival stamp & border number

  5. Passport copy of each dependent

  6. Medical Insurance Card of each dependent from the same company as the family head

  7. Iqama of the Sponsor

  8. Passport Copy of the Sponsor

Once you have all the above documents arrange them in the above order and convert them to a PDF.

Note: One PDF for each dependent. Use an online compressor on Google to compress the document to less than 1MB

  • Login to your Absher Account

  • Click on the “Services” tab under “My Services”

  • Select the “Passports” Option

  • Click on “Tawasul”

  • On the next page, click on “New Request”

  • On the next page select the following:

  • Sector:

Sector - Family Iqama

  • Service:

Service - Family Iqama

  • Request Description: Write the Border Number of the dependent

  • Attachment: Attach the PDF you have created above.


  • You can upload only one form at once. You need to repeat the above steps for each of your dependents separately.

  • You will receive an SMS once the form is submitted with acknowledgment no.

  • Once verified and approved you will receive another SMS

  • Login back to Tawasul Services and Print the Approval Acknowledgement.

Step 3: Appointment with Jawazat Office for Iqama Collection

Once you have received the approvals for all your dependents proceed for an Appointment with Jawazat, you can collect all Iqamas for your dependents at once.

Documents Required:

  1. Appointment Letter

  2. Tawasul Approval Letters

  3. Printout of the above PDF

  4. Original Passports of the dependents

  5. Pictures of the Dependents

Appointment with Jawazat Office:

  • Login to Absher Account

  • Scroll down and click on “Appointments”

  • Select the “Passport” Option

  • Click on the “Proceed to Service” button

  • Click “Book New Appointment”

  • Select “Resident Services”

  • Region: Select the Region

  • Select the Jawazat Office you want to visit

  • Select the date and time of the appointment

  • Click the “Confirm Appointment Details” button

  • Take the printout of the Appointment Slip

Iqama Collection:

  • Proceed to the Jawazat office on the scheduled date and time.

  • Produce all the above documents and collect the Iqamas for your family (shouldn’t take more than 15-20 mins)

  • Verify all the details on the Iqama and Congrats!


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