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Saudi Permanent Family visa offline through Istiqdam Office

You can bring your family to Saudi Arabia once you get your Iqama, depending on your profession.

There are two ways to apply for a Saudi Permanent family visa.
  1. Offline Method (Istiqdam Office)


  • Only opt for the offline approach if you are unable to finish the process online. The first option should be to apply online.

  • Also, note the steps below are for Permanent Family Visa, for which they will get Iqama after coming to Saudi Arabia.

saudi permanent family visa offline

The steps for requesting a Saudi Permanent Family Visa offline are listed below.

Step 1: Take an appointment at the Istiqdam Office:

  • Login to Absher Account

  • Click on “Appointments”

  • On the next screen click on “Expatriate Affairs”

  • Read the instructions and click on “Proceed to Services”

  • On the next screen select the 2nd option “Permanent Family Visa” (Get this double-checked with someone who understands Arabic)

  • Select Region and Click “Next

  • Now the next page will show you all the appointments that available in green

  • After selecting a time, it will show you the selected date/time and the required documents

  • Reconfirm the details and Click on “Confirm Appointment Details”

  • Now you would be able to take a printout of the appointment. You must carry this on the date of your appointment.

Step 2: Make Payment Online 2000 SAR (1 Family Visa, irrespective of no. of dependents), can be made using SADAD. This is mandatory before visiting the Istiqdam office.

Step 3: Translate the required documents from the authorized Translator

Step 4: Visit the Istiqdam office and submit the Documents, if all goes well, they will issue a Yellow Slip containing the Visa details, which need to be sent to your home country for stamping.

Documents Required:

  • Istiqdam Form - (To be filled with your details, and dependent detail. To be signed by the employer.) You can download it from below:

Download PDF • 3.18MB
  • Family Visa Request Letter to COC - To be generated by the employer, clearly stating the employee’s designation, salary date of joining, etc.

  • SCE – Istiqdam Letter (Only for Tech/Engineers) - Login to the SCE account, scroll down, under Printing Services click Istiqdam Letter

  • Istiqdam Appointment Letter

  • Company CR Copy

  • Iqama (Original & Copy)

  • Your Saudi Visa Stamped with Border No. (Original & Copy)

  • Wife & Kid's Passport Copy

  • Marriage Certificate (Copy) + Translated to Arabic

  • Birth Certificate (Copy) + Translated to Arabic

  • Degree Certificate (Original) + Translated to Arabic

  • Carry Photographs (2 to 3 Nos)


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