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Opportunity to work in Hajj season through Ajeer

Want to gain rewards by volunteering for Hajj season this year? Through the Ajeer portal, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has made available possibilities for Saudi nationals and residents to work during the Hajj season 1444 AH.

The MHRSD has asked all citizens and residents who want to work at the holy sites during this year's Hajj to submit their resumes through the Ajeer portal.

The ministry allows enterprises operating during the Hajj season to issue licenses under the name "Ajeer Al-Hajj" for their workers inside the holy sites, as well as temporarily hire Saudis and locals to fulfill their labor needs during the Hajj.

The Ajeer portal allows certified Hajj enterprises to publish potential job opportunities via the site.

Ajeer also allows anyone looking for work to search the site and apply for available positions.

Domestic pilgrim service organizations and civic institutions authorized by the relevant authorities, according to MHRSD, are among the establishments permitted to grant permits.

Labor providers in Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah are also included.

Concerning the requirements for Saudi citizens to obtain permission, MHRSD confirmed that they must be over the age of 18.

Residents are obliged to work for one of the labor supply firms after receiving permission from their actual employer.

The action is part of MHRSD's attempts to organize work throughout the Hajj season and to make it easier for enterprises and workers engaged in Hajj work.

MHRSD also aspires to improve the quality of services offered to Hajj pilgrims and their overall pilgrimage experience.

The portal enables institutions and individuals to benefit from the Ajeer Al-Hajj service efficiently and conveniently via the website:

Ajeer is thought to be the new interface for displaying potential job opportunities inside Saudi Arabia. It allows people to upload their CVs and apply for employment in a variety of firms and industries.

Ajeer attempts to improve the flexibility and mobility of workers in the labor market to meet the demands of establishments while also boosting the productivity and effectiveness of the labor force in the market.

It also offers organizations flexible alternatives such as information exchange while lowering reliance on external recruitment.

Source: Saudi Gazette 


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