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How to Print Local Hajj Permit 2023

The Ministry of Interior has started issuing Hajj Permits for pilgrims who have booked for Hajj from within Saudi Arabia from the 15th of Shawwal corresponding to the 5th of May 2023 of the Gregorian Calendar.

How to Print Local Hajj Permit 2023

In order to Print your Hajj Permit, firstly you will receive an SMS from Hajj as follows:

"The Issuance of Hajj permit has been approved by the Ministry of Interior for ID NO. 2XXXXXXXXX You can print the permit through Absher Portal"

Print Hajj Permit

  • Once you get the above message you can go to Absher Portal

  • Click on "Services"

  • Click on "Ministry of Hajj"

  • Click on "Print My Permit"

  • Click on "Print Permit for Dependents"

Print Hajj Permit

Print Hajj Permit

May your Journey be smooth and Hajj be accepted. Remember the Ummah in your prayers.



Images: Absher

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