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How to get Electric Scooter in Haram - Makkah

The electric scooter service seeks to give pilgrims a pleasant and efficient mode of transportation, particularly those with reduced mobility or who may struggle to travel long distances. These scooters are accessible at multiple locations inside and outside the Haram Area and may be utilized for a variety of ceremonies such as Sa'ee and Tawaf, as well as a full Umrah.

Table of Contents:

1. Electric Scooter Pick-up Locations:

Sl. No.

Spot Name



Plaza Point | Al-Shbaika Bridge


Ajyad Bridge | Opposite to Al-Safwa Towers


Al-Qshashiya Point | Gaza

Note: you can also manually book and pick up the electric scooters from the 3rd floor of the Sa'ee start area. If you are unable to find it, you can ask the authorities/volunteers to guide you.

2. Service Types:

Sl. No.

Service Types




Includes only Tawaf(Encircling the Kaaba from the 3rd Floor of the Haram)



Includes only Sa'ee (Running between Safwa and Marwa Mountains)


Complete Umrah

Includes Tawaaf and Sa'ee

3. Scooter Types & Prices:

The Scooter is very easy to drive, this will be explained by the authorities while handing over the scooter to you. You don't need to be an expert or hold a license to drive these scooters.

  • Pull the lever to move the scooter

  • Release the lever to stop the scooter

Scooter Type/Service

Tawaaf Only

Sa'ee Only

Complete Umrah

One Seater

SAR 57.50

SAR 57.50

SAR 115.00

Two Seater

SAR 115.00

SAR 115.00

SAR 230.00

4. How to Book

a. Offline at Masjid-e-Haram

You can arrive at any of the locations mentioned above, and select your scooter type and service and book the vehicle. Payments are accepted in both Saudi Riyals and Debit/Credit Cards

Note: There are usually long queues at these spots, so it is always best to have an advance booking.

b. Online using TANAQOL App

  • Download the Tanaqol application from Playstore or AppleStore.

  • Sign up by entering your Name, Mobile Number, and Email Address.

  • An OTP will be sent to your Mobile Number to Verify that it is you.

  • Click on the "Book Cart" button.

  • Click on "Select a Date", you can see the available days and times, and select your preferred date and time.

  • Select "Service Type" (Sa'ee, Complete Umrah, Tawaf)

  • Select "Cart Type" (One Seat, Two Seat)

  • Select "Payment Method" as Credit Card.

  • Click "Confirm" to make the payment.

After this, your booking is confirmed. You can view your booking by clicking on the "Booking List". You can show this at any of the Pick-up Locations mentioned above to collect your electric scooter.


1. you can book an e-scooter only 7 days in advance

2. Ensure to arrive at the selected Pick-up time to avoid waiting times or reduced usage time.

5. Drop off Points

You can drop off the electric scooters either at the start of Sa'ee or at the end of Sa'ee. Also, you double-check the drop-off location at your pickup point with the person handing over the scooter to you.

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Source: ArabNews 


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