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How to check the validity of your Iqama

You may need to be aware of your Iqama Expiry date for many purposes such as if you are traveling outside the country or for bank-related purposes.

There are many methods to check the validity of your Iqama, we have listed 4 such methods below:

Method 1 Absher Dashboard - Digital Documents

  • Login to your Absher Account

  • Click on "Dashboard"

  • Scroll Down to "Digital Documents"

  • You can see your "Iqama Expiry Date" on your Document

  • You can further click on View Document to view the Digital copy of your Iqama

Method 2 Absher Dashboard - More Details

  • You can also Click on "More Details" and see a detailed view of your Iqama.

  • Scroll down and look for "Residency Expiry Date" under "Iqama Information"

Method 3 Absher Other Services - Query Iqama Expiry service

Note: In this method, you can check the Iqama for anyone.

  • Once you logged in to Absher Scroll down to "Other Services" and Click on "Query Iqama Expiry Service"

  • Enter the Iqama Number you want to check the Expiry for

  • Enter the Image Code and Click View

Method 4 Without Absher - MOL Website

  • Go MOL Website - Click Here

  • Change the Language to English

  • Enter Iqama Number or Border Number

  • Enter the Code and Click Next

  • On the next page scroll down to see the Iqama Expiry Date

Iqama Expiry Date for Dependents

Note the Iqama Expiry Date for the Dependents will always be the same as your Iqama Expiry Date (Sponsor's Iqama Expiry Date)

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