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New Automated Cameras for Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia from June 4

Saudi Arabia will begin automated surveillance of traffic offenses on Sunday, June 4 through new automated cameras for traffic violations. Lt. Gen. Muhammad Al Bassami, Director General of Public Security, made the announcement.

On Monday, Al Bassami launched the computerized automation of the below traffic offenses as follows:

  1. Driving on the sidewalks or pedestrian paths of roads where driving is prohibited;

  2. Failing to use necessary lighting when driving at night or in weather conditions where visibility is poor

  3. Failure of trucks and heavy equipment to comply with the right lane on a multi-lane road are all examples of violations.

  4. Driving a vehicle with unclear or damaged number plates

  5. Bypassing the station measuring the weights and dimensions of transport vehicles

  6. Parking the vehicle in places not designated for the same.

These offenses will be monitored by the General Traffic Department and the Special Forces for Road Security. This is done to improve traffic control and safety while also reducing undesired conduct on public roadways within and outside of cities around the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette 


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