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How to renew your Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Convenience is important in today's fast-paced world, and renewing your driving license online in Saudi Arabia is no exception. The Absher site has made renewing your driving license in Saudi Arabia a simple and efficient experience that saves you both time and effort. In this blog post, we will guide you through the processes required to renew your driving license online in Saudi Arabia, ensuring that you remain road-legal without having to visit a traffic office.

Requirements to renew your Driving License in Saudi Arabia:
  • Pay any outstanding traffic fine: Clear any outstanding traffic penalties before proceeding with your license renewal.

  • Medical Test for Driving License (Efada Medical Test): Obtain a medical examination at any recognized hospital or polyclinic. The medical test includes the following:

    • Mental Health

    • Physical Health

    • Eye Test

    • You can get the Medical Test done at any Medical Center near you, it costs anywhere between SAR 150 to 200. It shouldn't take more than 1 hour depending on the crowd.

    • The Efada medical report will be sent to the Jawazat system once finished, and you will be alerted by SMS.

  • Pay the Required Renewal Fees: Use an ATM or online banking to pay the requisite renewal cost to your Iqama Number. The following fees are charged:

    • SAR 80 for two years,

    • SAR 200 for five years, and

    • SAR 400 for ten years.

  • The existing license must be valid for less than 365 days: To be eligible for online renewal, your driver's license must be less than 365 days old.

Steps to renew the Driver's Licence through Absher

It is now possible to renew your driver's license online. Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Go to to access the Absher site.

  • Choose "Individuals"

  • Enter your Username and Password to access your Absher account.

  • Select "Services" from the "My Services" option.

  • Choose "Traffic" then "Renew Driving License"

  • On the following screen, review the service criteria and then click "Next"

  • Choose "Private Driving License" as the license type and "License Renewal Period" (2, 5, or 10 years), then click "Next"

  • To finish the renewal procedure, tick the box and click "Confirm" to accept the terms and conditions.

  • A message will be sent to you verifying the successful renewal of your driver's license.

After you have completed the renewal process, you may request postal delivery of your driving license card by selecting "Request Postal Document Delivery". You will be charged SAR 50/- for the same. You may also get the new card by going to the local traffic office (Muroor) with your original driver's license. However, you will need to schedule a Muroor appointment through Absher to pick up your renewed driver's license at Muroor.

Image Source: Absher


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